Simon Munnery brings his new stand up show to London this autumn

Comedy stalwart, serial innovator and multi award-winning comedian Simon Munnery brings his new stand up show to London this autumn. Celebrating a 30-year comedy career, his new show Standing Still will include an opening to die for, seven wry observations, a tone poem, four fresh skits and two new commandments.
Simon Munnery is a Chortle Award winner, Barry Award winner, Sony Radio Award winner, British Comedy Award nominee and Perrier Award nominee. His 30-year stand-up career has seen him regularly perform all over the world and star in several of his own major television and radio projects. He is best known for his character creations Alan Parker: Urban Warrior, Buckethead and The League Against Tedium and his TV/radio projects such as BBC2’s Attention, Scum!, BBC Radio 1’s League Against Tedium and BBC Radio 4’s Where Did It All Go Wrong?
His most recent television appearances include The Alternative Comedy Experience (Comedy Central), The Culture Show, It’s Kevin and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle (BBC2) and recent radio credits include The News Quiz and Dilemma (BBC Radio 4).

Simon Munnery’s many and varied comedy shows have included La Concepta, a genre-bending interactive conceptual restaurant show; six years’ of Simon Munnery’s Annual General Meeting / AGM, thoughts, songs and discussions with the audience; Fylm- Makker, Fylm and Fylm School, stabbing at the void between dead film and live theatre; Trilogy, not a show at all, in fact, but three different shows in rotation -The True Confessions of Sherlock Holmes, Onward and Upward, and Buckethead: Way Of The Bucket; and stand up shows including Noble Thoughts Of A Noble Mind, Self-employed and Simon Munnery: And Nothing But. He also performed as part of Cluub Zarathustra, a post- alternative comedy cabaret (alongside Stewart Lee, Kevin Eldon, Sally Phillips, Johnny Vegas & Julian Barratt).
Simon Munnery will be performing his new show Standing Still at 100 Club on 9th November. If you would like any further information, you can visit the website


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