Full casting announced for London’s Shakespeare in the Squares

Shakespeare in the Squares announces full casting for its 2017 production of Romeo and Juliet which tours to London’s squares and parks from 21 June to 13 July.

Tatty Hennessy directs Jack Brett (Mercutio), Naomi Bullock (Lady Capulet), Andrew Gallo (Prince/Paris) Indigo Griffiths (Juliet), Liz Marsh (Nurse/Lady Montague), Bruce Panday (Lord Capulet), Julia Righton (Sister Laurence), Hannah Sinclair (Benvolio), Adam Strawford (Romeo) and Roger Suubi (Tybalt).

Shakespeare in the Squares’ new production of Romeo and Juliet, the most youthful, full-blooded and sexually charged of all Shakespeare’s tragedies, is situated in 1950s Naples. Full of paeans to the speed of young love, the rashness of quick violence and the heat of the summer, it is an exploration of the generational divide between the young and old, and the devastating consequences of blindly inherited feuds.

Founded by Sue Fletcher and Martin Neild in 2016, Shakespeare in the Squares is a not-for-profit touring theatre company that stages a Shakespeare play across London squares every summer. The productions are tailored to the individual garden squares, and the company works with the garden committees and other local organisations to create a unique community celebration around the play. The company aims to provide a showcase for talented young theatre practitioners and to introduce audiences to the stars of the future.

You can find the dates and venues for Shakespeare in the Squares on the website http://www.shakespeareinthesquares.co.uk/


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