We chat to the stars of Bat Out of Hell The Musical

After taking almost 40 years to reach fruition, the musical theatre adaptation of Jim Steinman’s Bat Out of Hell officially opens in London this week.

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The show – which features the music of Steinman and famed rocker, Meat Loaf – was a big success with fans when it completed a run at the Manchester Opera House earlier this year.

We caught up with two of the stars backstage at the London Coliseum to find out more.

Andrew Polec leads the cast as Strat, the forever young leader of The Lost, who has fallen for Raven (Christina Bennington), daughter of Falco, the tyrannical, ruler of Obsidian.

Andrew said: “It was originally a concept that Jim Steinman had as a musical and I guess things just didn’t pan out and so they went for an album instead. As our director has said, ‘It’s the most premature cast album to have ever been recorded.’ Meatloaf paved the way for all of the music and it became a huge hit. Now it’s finally coming back to its roots.”

The show is set in post apocalyptic Manhattan, which has become detached and floated out into the Atlantic Ocean. The show includes the well-known rock anthems “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad”, the title track “Bat Out of Hell’ and the number one hit song “I’d do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”.

Andrew explained, “The show is incredible. It’s a mixture of Peter Pan and Romeo and Juliet all infused with music from the rock gods themselves, Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman.”

Christina Bennington plays Raven and added, “We have the amazing music woven into our storyline.”

It’s not just the music that promises to impress audiences in the Capitol however, as the show boasts one of the biggest sets in the world and Andrew tells me, “We have three motorbikes, which are featured heavily throughout the show and a lot of stage magic.”

With a cast filled with young talent, Andrew also tells me there is an important message behind it.

“This is really a show about reaching out to people who feel like they might be oppressed in society or oppressed in the everyday life that they lead. It’s about realising that if we connect more with love and if we connect more with the rock n roll mentality of rebellion, love will set you free.”

I ask Christina why she thinks people should come and see Bat Out Of Hell The Musical and she tells me: “You won’t have seen anything like it before in musical theatre. The set, the music and cast are incredible and it’s an incredible night out.”

Andrew adds, “It’s the future of musical theatre!”

Bat Out of Hell The Musical is at the London Coliseum until 5 August 

Photos by Specular


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