It’s ‘Too Darn Hot’ Take a look at our guide for staying cool at the theatre this summer

We all know, that being in the theatre is not ideal during the soaring temperatures we have recently been enjoying and so we  thought we would provide a few tips on how you can still enjoy your favourite shows during our, probably short-lived, heat wave.

1. Assume the correct body position

This is an essential part of surviving a hot theatre trip. Let’s first assume you’re wearing a minimal amount of clothing, so your legs are probably exposed. In order to avoid that horrible scratchy feeling from the Axminster carpet style seat covering, you will have to sit slightly forwards. Legs should be apart, as to avoid the thighs sticking together, which can cause chaffing and embarrassing squelching noises with movement. It’s also a good idea to maintain a little movement occasionally, if you can, to avoid the classic theatre ‘cankles’ (hideously swollen ankles which resemble those of a small elephant). Another top tip is to sink slightly in your seat and put your elbows on the rests on either side, thus allowing a little air to the troublesome underarm area.

2. Choose the right show

I find watching a warm show (like MAMMA MIA!), makes you feel warm and vice versa, so when we eventually get a stage version of Frozen, we should be on to a winner. Shows which either include water or fans are, obviously also a good idea, so sitting in the first few rows for Singing in the Rain or for Miss Saigon when the helicopter took off, were extremely cooling. Sadly neither are still in the West End, but you get the idea.

3. Drink the correct amount

Now, we’ve said the correct amount rather than plenty, as we all know the loo situation in some theatres can be a bit of problem. The rule is that you need to drink enough to maintain hydration and conciseness, but not so much that you have to pop out mid act.

4. Don’t go to sleep

Hot theatres can unfortunately induce sleep and if the show you’re watching is a little on the slow side, the problem is infinitely worse. If you do find you’re in need of forty winks, remember snoring is not acceptable, so perhaps plump for a noisy show if you are a sufferer. If you find yourself nodding, simply turn it into a gesture of appreciation. We’ve also found that snuggling your head onto the shoulder of the patron next to you, is generally frowned upon

5. Buy a programme

Nothing beats the smell of a freshly printed souvenir programme and although often exorbitantly expensive, the gorgeous glossy pages make the perfect implement to displace the otherwise stationary air and fan yourself with the joy in the knowledge, that you’ll be able to keep your cooling implement for years to come, in a box in attic that you never look at again.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be in a theatre with air conditioning, you may need to take a blanket along instead!


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