Luxe Performance bring Funeral Meats to the King’s Head Theatre

Award-winning company LUXE Performance will present a one-act play exploring the legacies of same-sex marriage, immigration, fame and inherited mental illness called Funeral Meats at the King’s Head Theatre later this month.

Luke and Laura are brother and sister; they reunite at their famous mother’s funeral after many years apart, following a bitter break-up with Luke’s husband Felix.  An old intimate friend of their mother is there to complete the party, and as the evening draws on she reveals her own vein of intrigue. With the arrival of Felix at the wake, and while the alcohol flows, a story saturated with recrimination, revelation and revenge is revealed.

Featuring Helen Adie, Cradeaux Alexander, Luca Pusceddu and Ramona Von Pusch, the world premiere of this fascinating play is being produced as part of the King’s Head Theatre’s Queer Festival, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the repeal of the sexual offences act in 1967 and eventual decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Funeral Meats is at the King’s Head Theatre from 8-13 August. 


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