REVIEW: ‘Some moments of real brilliance’ ★★★★ 3Women, Trafalgar Studios

With the increased discussion about what feminism in society, a play looking at its meaning to three generations of women is a brave study. And with Katy Brand’s new comedy you get an interesting insight into the journey British women have come along over the past 50 years.

In 3Women, we are given a snapshot of the lives of a baby boomer, her granddaughter, a millennial, and a member of the forgotten generation X on the eve of her wedding. It’s an interesting mix and Brand has taken the extremes and squashed them together in a sometimes-uncomfortable watch, with fractured relationships laid bare and parental guilt put on display.

But with Brand’s humour infused and some exceptional performances from the three lead cast, there are some moments of real brilliance.

Anita Dobson thrives as the hardened mother figure, whose constant disapproval of her daughter leads to some hilariously caustic one-liners, while Debbie Chazen plays the lovable bride to be with real charm. And Maisie Richardson-Sellers teenage swagger is brilliantly done.

There is however times when the trio feels a bit too caricatured and the story too contrived, but overall, this is a relatable play, with some very funny and clever writing throughout.

3Women is running at Traflgar Studio 2 until 9 June.


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