REVIEW: ‘Packs a punch’ ★★★★ Hair, New Wimbledon Theatre

benidorm live

REVIEW: ‘Riotous’ ★★★★ Benidorm Live, New Wimbledon Theatre

People just love familiar things. A musical with well-known hits and a stage show adapted from a beloved film are always easier to fill with adoring punters.

And with the new live version of Benidorm, the producers are ticking all of those familiar boxes. Fans of the comedy television show are treated to some of their favourite characters played by original cast members in this riotous two-hour stage adaptation and even if you’re not familiar with the premise, you won’t be able to stop a smile creeping across your face at some of the hilarity.

Yes, it’s cheesy and lots of the innuendo is unsophisticated and obvious, but it is played with such panache by this all-star cast that you can’t help but be entertained.

Sherrie Hewson shows real class as Joyce, while Adam Gillen and Tony Maudsley make a fabulous double act as Liam and Kenneth and Shelley Longworth and Jake Canuso provide great support. But it’s Janine Duvitski who really steals the show, with simply stunning comic delivery that will have you roaring with laughter.

Benidorm Live is running at the New Wimbledon Theatre until Saturday 15 March


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REVIEW: ★★★★★ ‘A heartwarming and incredibly moving piece of theatre’ From Afar, Vault Festival

Grief is an important but difficult subject to tackle through art. Its impact is so devastating and yet so different from person to person that any representation can become divisive. In David Coverdale’s new play however, it is dealt with in an extremely sensitive manner, which leaves the audience with a shared sense of sad satisfaction.

The short one-woman play is performed by the excellent Catherine Millsom and centres on Agnes, a slightly troubled postal worker who has a fascination with the written word and it’s importance in bringing joy through letters and cards. We are given an insight into an ordinary life in which a bereavement has had a devastating impact on personal growth.

The beautiful portrayal by Millsom along with honest script and great direction by Ashliegh Packham make this a heartwarming and incredibly moving piece of theatre.

From Afar is running as part of the Vaults Festival at the Travel Through Bookshop until Saturday 9 March.