REVIEW: ‘With a bit more development, could be a smash hit show’ ⭑⭑⭑ Amelie, New Wimbledon Theatre

Getting to watch a brand new musical is like unwrapping an unexpected gift. There is a mixture of excitement and trepidation and some of the thrill is about being part of the process itself. It’s rare to see something new on the quite the scale of the new musical version of Amelie, but this production is so wonderfully extravagant, that just the staging is a feast for the senses.
Based on the 2001 film Amelie follows the fortunes of a girl whose dreamy ideals filter through her whole existence until you’re not sure what is fantasy and what is reality.
It stars AudreyBrisson as the impish and day dreamy Amelie who, gives an incredibly charming performance, which encapsulates the fairytale like qualities of the character perfectly.
Danny Mac provides the brooding love interest Nino, with an equally strong performance and they are ably supported by an excellent ensemble cast of actor/musicians.
The only real issue is that it’s too long. At almost three hours including an interval most audiences will start to get restless before the end and with a portion of the action in act two adding nothing to the flighty story, a good half an hour could really be cut without too much trouble.
That said, this is a stunning production with some mesmerising performances and with a bit more development, could be a smash hit show.

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