Abandoman’s Rob Broderick takes our Sugar Rush Quiz

Rob Broderick is one half of the comedy Hip-hop duo Abandoman, who are well-known for their lightening quick improvised rap. Alongside his on-stage partner Sam Wilson, Rob is about to perform at Edinburgh and is writing a brand new show for the Soho Theatre in September. Rob took some time off from his preparations to take our Sugar Rush Quiz

What are you currently working on?

A new written Hip-hop musical that is going to be animated and, fingers crossed, a lot of fun.

What is the one thing that has helped you to become successful? 

Working with other people is the best thing. Comedy is very solo and I adore working with other people. It’s what makes the job fun and it’s what makes creativity easier.

What is your favourite Book?

Have Gun Will Travel: Spectacular Rise and Violent Fall of Death Row Records by Ronin Ro

What are you currently watching on TV? 

A Stephen Colbert show about Trump. Since Trump became president I’ve become addicted to Colbert. I watch it and hope he’s going to be impeached every day. It’s fascinating because it’s a real voice of the resistance but it’s also tragic. I still find the whole Trump thing quite weird and so Colbert is like my release valve to that world.

Would you choose the cinema, theatre or a restaurant for a night out? 

It’s a toss-up between the cinema and the theatre, depending on how good the narrative sounds to me. I like theatre when it’s quite modern. I come from a family that likes Chekov plays that are set quite a long time ago. I feel like if a play has a modern feel to it, I’m the most excited.

What’s your favourite sweet? 


What did you want to be when you were a child? 

A baker or a clown. With a baker I really didn’t imagine there would be much selling. I thought I’d be doing a lot of baking and then consuming my produce. I wasn’t interested in making cash; it was just the cake access.

What was the naughtiest thing you did when you were a child? 

I shouted at a man cleaning a window once and I don’t why. I think I wanted to show off to someone and afterwards I never felt more guilty.

What is your proudest achievement to date? 

I have moments at festivals as a performer where I go, “This is great, and this is what I wanted to do as a teenager.” So there are moments when I acknowledge that my job is to rap and I’m very proud of that.

What’s next? 

I’m going to be focusing on writing as well as freestyling. For 10 years I have run from writing. I find freestyling is something I’m naturally capable at and I’ve never really had the patience to sit down and write. I don’t think I’ve never really given it enough time to blossom, so the next thing is trying to create a fun written Hip-hop musical.

Abandoman will perform Life + Rhymes at the Soho Theatre from 14th-16th September


“A good suggestion is like a big wave; you just want to ride it and you don’t have to work that hard to make it fun.” We talk to Abandoman’s Rob Broderick

Known for creating hilarious songs and sketches at lightening speed, Abandoman have become one of the must see acts at Edinburgh this year, writes Nicky Sweetland.

In fact, the musical comedy duo performed to over 10,000 at lasts year’s festival and will return with a brand new show, which this year has been semi-written.

Winners of the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year, Musical Comedy Awards and the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Abandoman is made up of musician Sam Wilson and comedy Hip-hop artist Rob Broderick, who told me, “I think it’s going to be very cool and a lot of fun. It’s a nice healthy mix of written and freestyle stuff with some animation and it’s a way of bringing quite a surreal world to life.”

Following their appearance in Edinburgh, the pair – who are currently the resident band for Alan Carr’s Happy Hour (Channel 4) – will take their new show Life + Rhymes to the Soho Theatre.

“It’s a fictional biopic, but it’s fully freestyled. We’ve been doing freestyled songs for a long time and we got really excited about the audience making up part of the story with their characters.”

Rob explained that the show spans twenty years of the duo’s attempt to “make it” as a band and that the audience will not only witness the highs, lows and scandals, but they will form the supporting cast every night. “It’s set in the 90s in Ireland and the idea is that everyone who’s in the room was there at a moment of our journey in Hip-hop. Irish Hip-hop is pitched as a very dangerous world and it’s very silly. I wanted to create an hour show in which the crowd gets to go on a journey, not just within each song, but an overall journey.”

The improv double act has an enviable reputation in the world of comedy, with Rob’s absolute commitment to the rap being of the highest competence. He studied Hip-hop and came upon the comedy side of the art by accident, when he realised that his improvised raps were always a bit more comical than other performers.

Rob told me, “Standup and Hip-hop are my two loves and so naturally my freestyling somehow had a sillier slant”

His onstage partner, Sam has the amazing ability to layer sounds and make the music appear as if it has been prerecorded, so when the two play together, the quality of the Hip-hop is beyond reproach, something, which is very important to both performers.

“Myself and Sam take the music and the rapping incredibly seriously. It’s not one of those things where a comedy act thought hip hop would be a good way to get success”

When mixed with suggestions from the on-looking audience, the result is an exciting and extremely amusing hour of entertainment.

“We ask people for bespoke moments or bespoke opinions of their lives, but every opinion has more weight because it’s actually happened. We’re asking them for a minor irk they went through or rule they broke and when those things are good or really interesting, the room really gets behind it and it makes freestyling much easier.”

Rob explains, “It’s like if you’re a surfer. A good suggestion is like a big wave; you just want to ride it and you don’t have to work that hard to make it fun.”

Abandoman will perform Life + Rhymes at the Soho Theatre from 14th-16th September


Adam Kay brings his Fingering a Minor on the Piano show to the Soho Theatre

Following a critically acclaimed total sell-out season in April, Adam Kay will make his highly anticipated return to London’s Soho Theatre when he performs his Fingering a Minor on the Piano show to the venue next week.

In this brand new collection of wonderfully off-kilter music and stand-up, Adam is in reflective mood – taking a look back at his former job as a hospital doctor. At a time when junior doctors have rarely been out of the papers, the man who brought the world the iconic London Underground Song tells personal and painfully funny stories about his career and his decision to hang up his white coat six years ago.

Amateur Transplants frontman Adam has built up a fan base the size of which most comedians would happily sell their kidneys for. With sell-out tours and nine sell-out Edinburgh Fringe seasons, his cutting-edge, darkly humorous re-imaginings of modern day pop and rock classics have gained him a cult following throughout the UK.

Adam Kay is a versatile comedy writer and performer, whose work spans narrative and sketch for TV, stage and radio including BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, Radio 4 and Channel 4. He also works as a script editor and gag writer and collaborates with a number of well-known comedy acts. Recent credits include his original comedy series, Crims, co-written with Dan Swimer, for the BBC, Very British Problems, Flat TV, The Now Show and Mongrels and is also a regular voice on The Now Show. Adam started out life as a doctor but after a brief medical career, he swapped his white coat for a microphone. He fronted the popular musical comedy act Amateur Transplants, whose iconic London Underground Song had over 10 million hits on iTunes. Amateur Transplants have produced four number one albums in the iTunes comedy charts and won a 2014 London Cabaret Award.

Adam Kay will bring his Fingering a Minor on the Piano show to Soho Theatre from 18 – 20 May.

Scott Gibson brings his sold-out Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Life After Death, to Soho Theatre

Following a sell-out season earlier this year, Award-winning Scottish comic Scott Gibson brings his critically-lauded, sold-out Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, Life After Death, to Soho Theatre this Month.

Scott Gibson’s Life After Death tells the tale of the three weeks that changed his life forever. One summer, he returned from his friend’s stag weekend in Blackpool and his brain exploded – he had suffered a massive brain haemorrhage. So, Scott did what any self-respecting Glaswegian man would do: he went back to bed and slept for 4 days.

A darkly hysterical show about overcoming insurmountable odds, Gibson’s Edinburgh Fringe debut has drawn plaudits from audiences and critics alike.

In recent years Scott has successfully established himself as one of the best Scottish Comedians of his generation, a title that was cemented when he received the Edinburgh Comedy Awards’ Best Newcomer trophy at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. He is also known as Resident MC for BBC Introduces in Scotland, as a host of The Hashtag Show, and has supported some of the biggest names in comedy on their national tours, from Des Clarke and Daniel Sloss, to Kevin Bridges and Frankie Boyle, who describes Scott as a “natural, gifted, and unapologetic storyteller”.

Scott and comedian Richard Gadd made history at the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Awards when they became the first Scottish winners to scoop both of the main prizes – Best Newcomer and Best Show – in the same year.

Scott Gibson will Life After Death to Soho Theatre from 22 until 27 May 2017

Acclaimed one-man cartoon comedy, Goose returns to Soho Theatre

Following a critically acclaimed total sell-out Edinburgh Fringe season in 2016,  one-man cartoon comedy show, Goose will explode once again onto the Soho Theatre stage later this month.

In 2013 Adam Drake and Ben Rowse joined forces to co-write a one-man farce, Robin, in which Adam also performed under Ben’s direction. The show garnered a host of four and five star reviews and they went on to form Goose in 2014 on which they were co-writers with Adam once again performing under Ben’s direction. The show was a huge success and confirmed Goose as one of the leading lights in the new generation of Comedy protagonists. Kablamo was one of the best reviewed shows at last year’s Fringe and has since run for a sell-out season at the Soho Theatre, an arts centre tour of the UK and has been booked for Latitude.

They recently filmed a taster for Hat Trick and are currently developing scripted projects with both Hat Trick and Tiger Aspect.

Goose will be perfuming at Soho Theatre from 16 – 20th May