We talk to comedian Tom Green ahead of his first Shepherd’s Bush Empire gig

Londoners will get a rare chance to see the internationally acclaimed funny man, Tom Green later this month, when he brings his latest stand-up show to the Islington O2 Academy, writes Nicky Sweetland.

The Canadian comedian is performing at the venue for the first time as part of his tour entitled European Comedy Road Trip and is looking forward to the challenge of tickling the ribs of one of the most notoriously critical audiences in the world.

Tom said: “I’m very excited to be here; it’s my first tour of the full UK ever.”

Tom rose to fame via his MTV series The Tom Green Show, but has enjoyed a varied career as a performer with roles in the films Road Trip, Charlie’s Angels and Shred and a hugely successful career as a rap music star.

Stand-up is Tom’s first love however and he told me, “I started doing stand-up when I was a teenager and I always wanted to return to it. I was doing this Internet television show about 10 years ago that people all over the world were watching online. I realised I had fans in different countries so I thought it might be fun to bring the show to them.”

Tom now spends most of his time touring and he finds he gets a very different response from audiences around the world.

“I like all different kinds of crowds; that’s what I like about touring. I don’t mind when it gets really crazy and raucous but I also like it when people are listening to what I have to say.” Tom explains, “That’s what’s exciting about it; you really don’t know what you’re walking in to. It gives you an adrenaline rush, that’s for sure”

I ask Tom where he gets the inspiration for his material.

“Sometimes it’s things that anger me. Definitely it’s things that seem absurd and ridiculous to me. I’m always taking notes and sometimes, if things seem strange, I jot them down on my phone and try to remember them later. I talk about it on stage and over time it gets formed into a joke. That’s, kind of, the process.”

Tom said: “I’ve started to do a lot of improv. I like to pull comedy out of the crowd and create some spontaneous energy in the room.”

Tom found further fruitful content from when he endured a stint on the US version of the Apprentice, which was hosted by a certain resident of the White House.

“I talk a lot about my old boss Donald Trump. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him, but he’s now the president of the United States of America. I had an interesting experience with him and so I found some stories and jokes that I can tell.”

Tom is currently touring the UK, whilst filming a behind the scenes exposé of the tour, which will be released later this year.

Tom Green will perform two shows at the Islington O2 Academy on 17 June at 6pm and 8pm.